Wrist Injuries

Fracture Distal Radius

Futura splint, Broad arm sling. Advice on finger, elbow and shoulder exercises.      
Refer Virtual Fracture Clinic (VFC). 
Satisfactory position- potentially unstable 
Futura splint/ POP backslab, analgesia      
Refer VFC   

Obvious deformity                                                                                                                                                                                                    Back slab. Refer Ortho On-call.
Epiphysis fracture lower radius    
Acceptable position (ask advice if necessary)      
As for undisplaced distal radius fracture.
Displaced    Refer Ortho On-call.
“Off ended” fractures of the distal radius 
Discuss with ED senior re reduction in ED prior to referal to Ortho On-call.                                       
Buckle/Torus fracture distal radius or ulna 
Futura splint/ Tubigrip.
ED Review Clinic 10-14 days.
Fracture scaphoid on X-ray            
Scaphoid POP/ Futura splint with thumb extension.     
Refer VFC.
Tenderness over scaphoid but scaphoid x-rays show NO fracture  
If other evidence of a fracture - eg swelling, restriction of movement, tenderness of scaphoid tubercle Futura splint with thumb extension.      
Review Clinic in 10-14 days      
If just tenderness, without other signs Tubigrip or Futura splint      
Review Clinic in 10-14 days 
Fracture radial styloid (usually undisplaced)  
Futura splint. Refer VFC. 

Small "chip" fractures eg of triquetrum or ulna styloid
Symptomatic treatment e.g. Tubigrip/ Futura splint.
Review Clinic in 10-14 days.
Other carpal injuries   Ask advice 
Beware dislocations around the Lunate and at the Metacarpal bases 
Do not treat simple soft tissue injuries in a Futura splint.