Back Injuries

Minor wedge fracture without neurological signs following low velocity injury  
Needs initial bed rest followed by mobilisation and analgesia.
Whether this is done at home or in hospital depends on severity of fracture, pain, support at home etc.
- Analgesia
- Senior advice
- Fracture clinic follow up 
Fracture transverse process    
- Test urine for macroscopic blood
- Analgesia and mobilisation
- Fracture Clinic follow up 
All other Fractures Thoracic or Lumbar Spine    
- Analgesia
- Out rule other injuries
- D/W ED senior doctor re CT
- Refer orthopaedics 
Displaced fracture sacrum    
- Refer orthopaedics 
Undisplaced fractures sacrum/coccyx  
- Analgesia
- Advise patient to sit on rubber ring
- Follow up at Fracture Clinic or Review Clinic