Suture Materials

Silk is easy to knot and to use and so is useful for the less experienced.  However, it causes a tissue reaction and capillary action between the fibres may draw organisms into the wound. Mostly used on scalps.

Monofilament sutures (e.g. Ethilon, Seralon) are more difficult to use but cause less tissue reaction and so are preferable for use in the hand and face.

Absorbable sutures (eg Vicryl). These should not be put through the skin. 

Below is a rough guide as to which suture should be used for each area of the body and how long sutures should be left in.

Steristrips/Tissue Glue (eg Liquiband).
These are very useful if the wound edges are suitable and the wound is not under tension.  However, you must ensure that the wound is thoroughly cleaned and you must not just close the skin leaving a cavity below.