Orthopaedic Admissions

The orthopaedic SHO should be contacted about all potential admissions. If there are problems speak to the senior ED doctor. Prior to admission all patients should have had:

            a) Appropriate splintage
            b) Adequate analgesia
            c) An IV line in situ and appropriate bloods taken
            d) CXR (if required)
            e) ECG if indicated

Patients with major life or limb threatening orthopaedic injuries should be referred directly to the orthopaedic Registrar.

Fracture Clinics
A fracture clinic appointment will be given by the ED Receptionists. Do not send the following patients to fracture clinic:

  1. Chronic problems (refer back to GP for orthopaedic appointment).
  2. Possible fractures (get X-Rays reported or ask advice from senior ED doctors). If in doubt bring back to Review Clinic.
  3. Injuries which clearly need or may need surgery (refer for direct orthopaedic admission/ assessment).